Yoga Therapy for Golfers Program


Golf is a way of life for many people and the associated aches or pains that come with it are often seen as a minor “side effect” of the glorious hours on the course. The Meraki Code Yoga Therapy for Golfers program is unique in South Africa. The program focuses on helping golfers learn how to correctly lengthen, stretch and open their shoulders, neck, spine, legs and hips - increasing flexibility, stability and mobility to reduce pain and tightness, and decrease the risk of injury.

The golf swing is a complex movement pattern which requires a unique blend of stability and mobility. Clients learn how to encourage greater flexibility and balance to move more freely and to increase range of motion and swing.  The program incorporates flexibility, strength, balance, core conditioning and deep relaxation. These techniques aid the range of motion in your golf swing, reduce swing faults (due to tight or restricted muscles) and speed up club head speed.

"When I started practicing yoga, my skill was terrible and so was my golf swing," said Joe Hafera of the Titleist Performance Institute. "As my dedication to yoga increased, it became easier to swing the way I wanted to on the golf course. My lower back pain decreased and my balance increased, as my poses improved. I also felt the mental calmness from my yoga practice transfer to my temperament on the course. The breathing and focus of yoga had a place in my golf game."

Your one-on-one session will review your game posture, current symptoms and desired goals. As the program continues you will focus on mindful movement, therapeutic yogic poses, breathing tools, and relaxation techniques to unwind pain/strain/tension patterns and retrain neuromuscular patterns, improving joint mobility, joint stability, core stability, postural patterns, circulation and stress levels in the body. You will receive a written recommendation following your session with movements and practices to use between sessions, as well as Ayurvedic supplement support and nutritional guidelines if relevant to support a healthy and preventative daily routine and diet.

*Yoga Therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment and should not be seen as such. All clients undergoing current medical treatment should consult their doctor before commencing therapy.