Yoga & Digestive Health Program


Meraki Code’s Digestive Health Programs vary depending on the client but cover a spectrum of issues from mild discomforts associated with stress, to chronic conditions such as IBS, IBD, Chrone’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, stomach ulcers and cancers.  Yoga and Ayurveda believe that an unbalanced gastrointestinal system impacts the total functioning of your body and this approach to the program is unexampled in South Africa.

The Meraki Code Digestive Health Program offers techniques to aid, release and relax the digestive system and stimulate the stomach, pancreas and the intestines to grow healthier and stronger to ease digestive discomfort. The program covers breathing and meditative techniques to drive physiological balance in the body and internally stimulate and massage the gastrointestinal organs.

Your one-on-one session will review your symptom history, current stresses and desired goals. As the program continues you will focus on mindful movement, therapeutic yogic poses, breathing tools, and relaxation techniques to unwind pain/strain/tension patterns and retrain neuromuscular patterns, improving digestion, circulation and stress levels in the body. You will receive a written recommendation following your session with movements and practices to use between sessions, as well as Ayurvedic supplement support and nutritional guidelines and advice to support a healthy and preventative daily routine and diet.

*Yoga Therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment and should not be seen as such. All clients undergoing current medical treatment should consult their doctor before commencing therapy.