Upcoming workshops & HALF dAY RETREATS













Four week Intensive Short Courses (1 class a week) held in Paarl and Cape Town are planned for later in 2016. Dates still pending so do drop us a note if you are interested!

1.    Yoga Therapy for Back Pain

2.    Yoga Therapy & Ayurvedic Nutrition for Digestive Woes

3.    Yoga Therapy& Ayurvedic Routine for Stress Management

4.    Yoga Therapy and Energizing techniques for Fibromyalgia and Fatigue

5.    Ayurvedic nutrition & Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health

6.    Yoga Therapy for healthy ageing, arthritis and joint health

7.    Yoga Therapy for Pre and Post pregnancy wellness

8.    Yoga Therapy & Stress Management for Diabetes



Half Day Retreat: A half day retreat that covers 80 minutes of yoga, 60 minutes of deep relaxation therapy and breathing techniques and a healthy ayurvedic lunch supported with a seminar on ayurvedic nourishment await......email us to hear more! (This can also be organised privately for groups of friends.)

Lux Yogic Brunch: How does slow stretching & sunrise yoga, deep relaxation, nourishing smoothies and a luxuriously healthy breakfast in a immaculately fresh brasserie sound? Watch this space for more information on our upcoming lux yoga brunches.