Stress Management Yoga Program


We all suffer with stress on a daily basis and the impact of this stress effects each of us differently. For many of us this stress is causing ongoing tension, pain, discomfort, lack of balance in our bodily systems and a drop in our emotional wellbeing and routine. For others, this stress results in chronic symptoms, anxiety or panic attacks.  Sadly we cannot remove stress entirely from our lives but we can develop strategies for dealing with stress and learning how to manage and overcome the impact on our bodies.

This exclusive program designed for South Africa focuses on techniques to regulate the effects of stress on the body via a classification of yoga poses, Ayurvedic supplements and deep relaxation. The program trains clients in breathing techniques to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, massage the internal organs, and bring more oxygen into the body and brain bringing balance to the entire physiological system. The program also includes mindfulness and meditation techniques for better sleep routines.

Your one-on-one session will review your current lifestyle, stress levels, symptoms and desired goals. As the program continues you will focus on mindful movement, therapeutic yogic poses, breathing tools, and relaxation techniques to unwind pain/strain patterns and retrain neuromuscular patterns, improving digestion, tension points and discomfort, as well as aiding circulation and stress levels in the body. You will receive a written recommendation following your session with movements and practices, as well as a Ayurvedic supplement and yogic diet recommendations.

*Yoga Therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment and should not be seen as such. All clients undergoing current medical treatment should consult their doctor before commencing therapy.