Pre & Post Natal Yoga Therapy

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During pregnancy and after giving birth the body goes through an extensive period of change and this can be stressful on the body - especially when life is already busy with little time for you to focus on the preventative release of tension and pressure points or reenergizing your body. This program is unique in South Africa, given the rarity of the discipline, and it approaches pregnancy, and post pregnancy recovery, with a uniquely intergrated system of diet, yogic poses and exercises, breathing techniques and meditation to create optimal wellness for mother and baby. The program is planned to support your connection with your baby and to provide a window for relaxation and calmness to minimises fatigue and revitalise key organs and muscles throughout the body.

There is mounting understanding globally that both the mother's and baby's stress levels pre birth can impact labout as well as the baby's growth and development, and that yoga practise can greatly aid stress levels during pregnancy to support a health pregnancy and birth, and easier delivery. You can expect a focus on strenghtening and releasing the pelvic floor, and relaxing and elongating spinal muscles, as well as focusing on the release of tension in the back, neck and hips. Classes include gentle poses that adapt throughout your pregnancy and equip you with the poses to use at home between classes to increase joint mobility and flexibility, widen the pelvic diamters in preparation for birth and improve circulation and posture. In post birth sessions we focus on strenghting and tightening core muscles, creating strength in the joints and rebuilding the core and back. Both in pre and post birth classes, there is a focus on creating energy through relaxation and recovery techniques.  Your one-on-one session will focus on mindful movement, therapeutic yoga poses, breathing tools and relaxation techniques and all classes will end with Deep Relaxation Therapy.

*Yoga Therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment and should not be seen as such. All clients undergoing current medical treatment should consult their doctor before commencing therapy.