Mimi Nicklin


The Background: 

Mimi’s passion for Ayurveda, biomechanics and yogic science solidified whilst living in Asia, surrounded by evidence and access to the daily results of this Eastern medicine system. 

Having been overwhelmed by the phenomenally positive impact of these therapies on the health and healing of millions of people on that side of the world, she became committed to taking this wisdom beyond Asia’s borders as a unique, and barely known offering, in South Africa,

Her vision was to create a brand that could bring the results of eastern science and research to many more people, as part of a modern day “western” approach to integrated healthcare and preventative lifestyle. 

The Back Story: 

Over the last ten years Mimi has become fascinated by the current western medicine paradox that has, so often, seen her family, friends and corporate colleagues chasing issues around the body but never truly resolving them. It has always been bamboozling to her that people are so willing to accept pain and chronic symptoms as part of “today’s stressful way of life”, and she has become passionate about changing this.

Building on her 10 years of commercial experience Mimi has now set out to ensure people have access to proven solutions to aid these discomforts, by leveraging a medicine system they may not previously have had access to. Her desire to help people resolve long standing physical and emotional issues, alongside her yearning to create a brand that is truly built with people in mind and science at heart, has led to the founding of Meraki Code. Leaving behind a decade long career in leadership roles in Asian, African and European corporate organizations, Mimi intensively retrained and practiced, alongside her full time job, finally leaving her position as Global Vice President to transition into her new career full time in 2016.  She is now based in South Africa.

The Back Up (Mimi’s qualifications)

· Yoga Teacher with specialist study in Fundamentals of Ayurveda, 200 hours, qualified with M. S. Ramaiah Indic Centre for Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (MSR ICAIM) in Bangalore, a unit of Gokula Education Medical Foundation at the leading hospital in India for integrated Ayurveda and yoga within the allopathic system of medicine.

· Yoga Therapist with core focus on Eastern analysis of Anatomy and Physiology, 500 hundred hour qualified with Union Yoga Therapy Singapore & Paramhansa Samsthana, India, Atreya Institutions- AAHC/AAMC (Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre), India. Registered via Yoga Alliance, USA and the World Wide Ayurveda Activities (WWAA) of Ayurveda Ashram, ARTH Ayurveda, India.

· 20 hour Ayurvedic Nutrition Specialism, M. S. Ramaiah Indic Centre for Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (MSR ICAIM)

· Specialist module training with Dr Bryan Lau, Hong Kong, in Yogic Back Pain Management with focus on myofascial release techniques.

· A Reiki Level II Practitioner, Dr Usui methodology, Soul Centre, Singapore.

· Yogic Meditation Therapies training modules, trained by Vikas Malkani, leading meditation practitioner and renowned author at the Soul Centre, Asia

· Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Level 1, Kathmandu Centre of Healing, trained by Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi.

· By the end of 2016 Mimi will be a fully qualified Clinical Aromatherapist which she will use to further support her Ayurvedic plant based recommendations and treatments.