Health Reality

In Greek, there is a word that describes the care and love with which people do things for the people they love. That word is meraki. In today's busy world however, all too often, we are not applying that same care to our health and to our own bodies. We tend to ignore the signs, the symptoms and the stress and just keep on, keeping on. According to the World Health Organisation the state of health is defined as "a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease", yet so often we forget this.




We are living in a 'cure culture' rather than one that promotes the health and wellness of prevention* . The constant 'always on', high intensity lifestyles we are leading are causing a host of problems from stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks, to chronic illnesses (cancer, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, heart conditions), constant back and neck pain, and ongoing conflicts in pregnancy related conditions. Yoga Therapy is an integrated healthcare tool to work alongside clients current (medical/daily) routine to help them reduce the stress, pain and negative "side effects" associated with this current reality.*



At Meraki Code we believe each of us has a window of opportunity (#windowofopportunity) to make a change and reduce this daily stress in our lives. This opportunity allows us to focus on the wellness of prevention rather than living in the 'cure culture' we have accepted as normal. We believe that yoga therapy & Ayurvedic techniques are today’s antidote to the impurities and imbalances that drive discomfort in our bodies. At Meraki Code we invite clients to see Yoga Therapy as a supportive process that they can integrate into their current lifestyle, and their current medical regimes*, to aid in wellbeing, relaxation, stress reduction and quality of life improvement. The programs Meraki Code offers cover yoga, nourishment & diet, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness and daily routine change management.

*Yoga Therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment and should not be seen as such. All clients undergoing current medical treatment should consult their doctor before commencing therapy.