There is no doubt that there is a Global Stress Crisis.

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Every country, every town, every office and home is oozing with this invisible stress demon. A woe the world has somehow accepted, whilst it unscrupulously impacts our health, our nutrition, our relationships and our successes.

At Meraki Code we believe it is in our control not to fall at the feet of this new norm, but to merge Ancient Wisdom with Fresh Thought and learn how to get our health, our minds and our bodies back on track. At Meraki Code we believe in preventative lifestyle, ­in taking control of your health and improving life little by little every day. Meraki Code leverages clinically proven yogic science & Ayurvedic techniques and treatments to deliver integrated health solutions and Yoga Therapy to overcome the worlds superfluous and abounding global stress levels. Our vision is to bring back balance and health to our clients' lives.

There is a #windowofopportunity.

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